About Us

Founded in 1988


Inland Sea Society is a non-profit conservation organization focused on Lake Superior and the communities surrounding the Lake. Projects such as the Lake Superior Water Trail Map and our bi-annual Inland Sea Kayak Symposium, promote sustainable connections between people, communities, and the Lake. Formed in 1988, ISS is one of the oldest non-profit conservation organizations in the Lake Superior region, having begun the idea of a Lake Superior Water Trail, and formed the first major sea kayak symposium on the Lake.

Proceeds from the 2009 Inland Sea Kayak Symposium went to local conservation organizations and ISS projects such as promoting recreational access to Lake Superior. Contributions from the Symposium went to support the Bad River Watershed Association , Bayfield Regional Conservancy for operations and land acquisition on the White River, and the Citizens for Responsible Land Use for efforts questioning proposed air strip development in the Apostle Islands region.

Company Overview
The Inland Sea Society has held the Inland Sea Kayak Symposium for over 20 years, hosting its last one in 2011. The Society is currently focused on the completion of a water trail map.

The Inland Sea Kayak Symposium happens once every two years, the third weekend in June — includes on-water instruction, seminars, speakers, and entertainment.